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Always in, never out

22 Jan

Sometimes my life’s ever more messy than my apartment… And that’s when life gets tough. In all this mess, I can never remember which date stands for what: do I have to pay some bill or am I taking an exam? And so, I got lost in all that Shakespearean business. But, wait! When you suddenly disappear from the market, you have to make a spectacular comeback! And here comes mine – I’ve got a little surprise. I hope that my readers are still with me, even though I’ve been ‘hibernating’ for quite some time now. Anyway, my blog is taking part in a Blog of the Year 2012 contest! How about that guys? Hope you’ll try and help or at least keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂 Is that a good comeback?

Here’s the contest’s site: (Poland’s) Blog of the Year