To have or not to have a Shakespearean accent

26 Apr

Marcin Czarnik

Maybe I do love “Hamlet” too much to be objective, but as far as the actors’ performances are concerned, I can’t have been mistaken, and I’ll write it once again: the actors were just brilliant. When Marcin Czarnik appeared on stage and said the first words: “To be or not to be…”, it sent shiver down my back and my jaw dropped in amazement. I guess I didn’t expect to hear the most famous monologue in original. The moment I heard those words, I thought: it’s so easy to ruin this text. It takes a lot of courage to present it. But Marcin didn’t ruin it. Me and my friends were trying to find any mistakes, in pronunciation, or in lines. Not this time, there were none. Or if there were any, I just didn’t notice them, being too absorbed in listening to Marcin and whispering the lines with him. In the afternoon I met him in front of the theatre “Teatr w Oknie” (theatre in the window). He was surrounded by some teenage fans. I took a picture of them (that I promised to post on the internet) and asked Marcin, “Are you going to the theatre’s building site?”. He shook my hand and introduced himself, “Marcin. No, I’m not going there now”. At first I was really surprised that I was ‘allowed’ to call him by his first name. It wasn’t more than 2 hours before that I was whispering to the camera: he’s so wonderful! When I got over that shock, I asked him why he decided to present the monologue in English. “But I did it in Polish, too”, he answered. “We had quite a freedom of choice considering the text. So I decided to do it both in Polish, and in English”. I mentioned the little ‘game’ of finding the mistakes. “Did you find any?”, he asked. “Not really, no!”, I shouted out, excited. I was delighted with the fact that a Polish actor was able to perform Shakespeare’s text in such a wonderful way. And it was the original text. But Marcin surprised me again: as it turned out, he also tried to perform the monologue in German. And then, this Monday (23rd April), he met a linguist who showed him what Shakespeare’s text should really sound like. The same words, but at the same time so different. I guess that Marcin will soon surprise us with his presentation of “Hamlet” with a genuine shakespearean accent! 😉

Marcin Czarnik

and the photo I promised to post here:

Marcin Czarnik


2 Responses to “To have or not to have a Shakespearean accent”

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  2. platine vinyle May 20, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    I am not very superb with English but I find this real leisurely to understand.

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